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UTM students that participate in U of T Intramural Tournaments will earn UTM participation points towards the overall U of T Intramural Championship Awards.

Winners of U of T Intrmaural Tournaments who are from UTM, will receive championship trophies at the UTM Athletic Banquet, in addition to the U of T Intramural Championship Prizes given out at the tournament.


U of T Intramural Tournaments

All UTM students who want to participate are welcome! Test your skills against other U of T students on the downtown and Scarborough campuses in one or two day Intramural tournaments.

To enter team tournaments, please come to the UTM entry meeting.

To enter individual tourneys, students must contact Rachel Tennant in the Program Office prior to the entry deadline. Rachel Tennant can be reached at (905) 828-3712 or by e-mail at

Individual Tournaments

All tournaments are free provided that all students who register, play in the tournament. If you register for a tournament and do not participated, a $40.00 default fine must be paid to the UTM Department of Physical Education, Athletics and Recreation. Doubles Badminton and Tennis are listed under Individual Tournaments.

Team Tournaments

UTM students who want to participate must attend the entry meeting! Room 1118B is located in the Bookstore level of the South Building. If there is a large demand, some team sports may require a tryout to determine the final team roster.

Intramural Cricket Champions

UTM Department of Physical Education, Athletics & Recreation
3359 Mississauga Rd. Mississauga, Ontario, L5L 1C6

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