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Membership & Service Information

Membership Information

The RAWC is a membership based university facility. Access to the facility is available to members of the community who have purchased a membership and all U of T student ID card holders. Due to the payment of mandatory athletic incidental fees, students are considered a priority in the facility. However, with our expanded Recreation Athletics Wellness Centre, we have made our facilities, activities and programs available to the greater community. All community members are welcome to join, keeping in mind that there will be closures during holidays and restricted or limited hours of operation during maintenance week and exam periods.

U of T Student Members

Your incidental (Athletic) fee paid as part of your registration with the University of Toronto, entitles you to an all-inclusive membership that enables you to use our entire facility and take part in all of our programs. Students must be registered with fees paid, and currently taking courses in order to be considered a member during any given term. All non-registered students must purchase a membership to use the facilities. Registered UTM students have priviledges at the Athletic Facilities of St. George, UTSC and Hart House.

  • Parking is not included in the membership prices. Community members can purchase an athletic parking permit at the Membership Services counter. The pass will be valid for the duration of the membership.
  • Membership refunds are made for serious medical reasons only. Refunds will not be given for special events or closures. Membership Cancellation requests must be made in writing to Maureen MacLean at A medical note is also required. An administrative fee of $30.00 will apply to all membership cancellations.

Membership Fees

Please Note: prices below do not include taxes. All membership fees are subject to review in April of each year.

Type Fees Additional Info
U of T Registered Student
(Fall/Winter/Summer Session)
Paid through incidental fees Students who are enrolled in courses and have paid their tuition fees are eligible to use the facilities. Students who are enrolled in one term can access the facilities for that session only.
U of T Non-Registered Students
(Summer Term)

U of T Graduate Students
(Summer Term)
$132.74 - 4 months

U of T students who are not enrolled in summer courses may purchase a membership to access the facilities.


U of T Graduate students are required to purchase a membership for the summer term.

U of T Staff/Faculty
(Permanent Full Time Staff)
Monthly Payroll Deductions Sign Up with Human Resources for Plan B Membership.
U of T Staff/Faculty
(Contract Staff)

Spouses of Staff/Faculty
$69.91 - 1 month
$185.84 - 4 months
$500 - 1 year up front payment
$45.58 - 12 monthly payments
(1 year membership)
Recently dated letter verifying employment status is required.
Proof of relationship is required for spouses of staff/faculty.
Graduating Class Alumni $69.91 - 1 month
$146.02 - 4 Months
$336.28 - 1 year up front payment
$32.74 - 12 monthly payments
(1 year membership)
For U of T alumni who have graduated within the last year. Proof of convocation date, such as copy of diploma, is required. This membership can only be purchased once, after which the alumni rate listed below will apply.
Alumni $69.91 - 1 month
$185.84 - 4 Months
$500 - 1 year up front payment
$45.58 - 12 monthly payments
(1 year membership)
For U of T alumni. Proof of status such as an alumni card or copy of diploma is required.
Non U of T Students
(Post Secondary and High School)

Post Doc Students
$69.91 - 1 month
$154.87 - 4 months
$367.26 - 1 year up front payment
$36.73 - 12 monthly payments
(1 year membership)
Proof of student status is required. Students must show a valid student card along with a school fees invoice, timetable or any other proof of current enrollment status when registering for the membership.
*Post Secondary students must be from an AUCC accredited institution. The list of eligible universities and colleges is available for reference at the Membership Services counter.
Community $69.91 - 1 month
$234.51 - 4 months
$597.35 - 1 year up front payment
$55.75 - 12 monthly payments
(1 year membership)
Must be 16 years of age and older
(65 years and older)
$69.91 - 1 month
$146.02 - 4 Months
$336.28 - 1 year up front payment
$32.74 - 12 monthly payments
(1 year membership)
Proof of age is required
One Week $41.59 Must be 16 years of age and older
Day Pass
(Photo ID Required)
$12.39 Day passes allow access to all RAWC programs and services except instruction, intramurals and extramurals. All facility users must be 16 years of age or over. Day passes have an expiry date, can be used only once and are non-refundable. You must carry a Photo ID and the day pass with you AT ALL TIMES while using the facility.

All inclusive membership holders are entitled to use the following facilities and programs at no additional charge.

In addition to the Programs and Facilities listed above, membership holders are entitled to reduced rates for most of our instructional courses.

Locker + Towel Service

Please see the Locker & Towel Service page for more information.


Payment may be made by cash, debit card, VISA, MasterCard or American Express. We accept personalized cheques for amounts over $50 provided the cheques include the name and address of the account holder. A $30 fee will apply to any cheques returned by the bank. A 12-month membership may be paid in either one lump sum payment or monthly with 12 equal payments on VISA, MasterCard or American Express. Memberships of less than 12 months must be paid in full at the time of purchase. Please note all membership costs are subject to change without notice and that non-student memberships are subject to review in April of each year.

Membership Rules

Members of the Department of Physical Education must present and swipe their valid student card or membership card at the Control Counter when entering the facility. Members must have their membership card with them at all times while using the athletic facilities. No card - no admittance.

All Members must read and abide by the General Member Conduct and Facility Rules and the UTM Department of Physical Education's Fair Play Code.

UTM Department of Physical Education, Athletics & Recreation
3359 Mississauga Rd. Mississauga, Ontario, L5L 1C6

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