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Group Fitness Programs

Our Group Fitness Program is included in all community and student memberships. All Fitness classes are offered on a drop-in, "first come, first serve" basis. Class sizes will vary according to facility, equipment required and class type.  

Group Fitness Program Dates

  • Fall Term:  September - December 
  • Winter Term:  January - April
  • Spring Term:  May -June
  • Summer Term:  July - August  

Types of Classes


A low impact fitness class to music in the water.  Basic swimming skills are recommended.  Class size is limited to 25 participants.


This class uses the Hyrdrorider aqua bikes in the pool for a great cardio workout while enjoying the benefits of the buoyant support of the water.

Body Blast

Lift, Squeeze and sculpt using a mix of handweights, tubing, body bars and stability balls.  Give yourself a full body workout in less than an hour!

Indoor Cycling

Looking for a high-intensity workout? Whether you are a seasoned rider, or a beginner looking for variety, this class is for you.


Weight training and heart pumping cardio followed by a light stretch.  High and low impact options offered to accomodate all fitness levels.

Pilates-Fit (Mind-Body)

Achieve a balanced body through flexibility and core strength.  Modifications are offered so that participants of all fitness levels can benefit from Pilates-Fit

Body Sculpting

A low impact strength training and flexibility workout designed to tone and shape your body without adding bulky muscles... Boost your metabolism today.


Rowing is a total body workout great for developing your cardiovascular fitness and muscular system at the same time.  Class takes place on our indoor rowing machines.

Cardio Kick

Kick boxing inspired by tae bo boxing, tai chi, and funk music. Ultimate cardiovascular challenge that's a unique blend of strength and endurance training.

Step and Sculpt

Combines step and muscle-strengthening resistance training for a full body workout

Cycle-Core Fuzion

This combo class includes indoor cycling followed by core training designed to strengthen abs and spinal stabilizers to reduce your risk of lower back injury.

Yogilates (Mind-Body)

This fuzion class incorporates strength, flexibility and relaxation techniques with movements from both yoga and pilates.

Cycle-Yoga Fuzion (Mind-Body)

This fuzion class will have you working hard in the saddle then flowing through yoga poses and sun salutations.  Re-energize your day.


This class is a fuzion of latin and international music that creates a dynamic, exciting and, effective dance/fitness workout.  It's fun and easy for everyone.

Duathlon (Bike/Run)

Cycling is followed by programmed running cycles including tempo, interval and long slow distances on our indoor track or outdoors weather permitting.



Women's Only Group Fitness Classes    

If you are looking for a Women's Only exercise experience, please check out our Women's only group fitness classes below. Classes are offered in a visually isolated space and men are not permitted in Women's Only designated classes or spaces.

Ballet Bar Glutey Camp

A Women`s only ballet inspired cardio and strength interval  interval class with a core component finished off with a stretch and relaxtion segment.


This class is a fuzion of latin and international music that creates a dynamic, exciting and, effective dance/fitness workout.  It's fun and easy for everyone.

Schedule changes may occur during exam timetable and restricted/holiday hours.  Please note schedule changes are posted on our website daily. 

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