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We are happy to answer any questions you might have about your son or daughter coming to camp; our Membership Services desk, or our Program Coordinators, Louise and Cameron are available to help you (contact info is located at the bottom of this page). Some questions are asked frequently and we thought that writing them down might make things easier for you. 


Q: Are you a peanut free camp?

A: We cannot say that we are “peanut free” but we certainly are a nut sensitive camp. Our food is prepared by food services on campus and every effort is made to provide safe food for your children. The kitchen is notified of allergies each session and they will provide alternative meals for sensitivities or make adjustments to the menu as needed.  Our menu does not include nuts and we also use products like Chapman’s for our desserts.

Q: My child has severe allergies and carries an Epi-pen. Who should I give the Epi-pen to?

A: We ask that you put the Epi-pen in a hip pack – clearly marked with your child’s name- His/ her counsellors can wear it during activity but otherwiseit goes with your child. Please call the camp coordinator to inform us of any special instructions.

 Q: Is lunch provided if so what type of meals?

A: We strive for a balance between kid-friendly and healthy meals here at Camp U of T Mississauga. Our menu typically includes meals such as: tortellini, veggies sticks, milk and a dessert or Sub sandwiches made to order with milk/juice and ice cream. We have not yet finalized for summer 2012 menu, but certainly will have it available shortly for interested parents. We ask that parents also send their child with a water bottle that they can  fill up frequently throughout the day as well as nut-free snacks if they wish.

 Q: My child has dietary restrictions. What should I do about his/her meals?

A: Please fill out the dietary details during registration in the prompt provided. If further instruction is needed please call or email Louise or Cameron.  We will make every effort to accommodate your child’s needs with an option as close as possible to what the other children are eating.

Q: What are the day trips in Multi and Mini-Sports Camp?

A: The trips are to local venues for activities like bowling and rollerblading or indoor playgrounds.  We travel by school bus and the children are supervised by their camp counsellors and the camp directors that accompany them on trips. The children are asked to wear their camp T-shirt while on  the trip.

Q: I have 2 children and would like them both in the same camp, what is the difference between Multi and Mini-Sport camps?

A: Multi and Mini-Sport are part of a combined camp. The difference between the two is that the focus for Mini-Sport Camp is on age appropriate fundamental skills while the older children of Multi-Sport camp focus on more advanced sport skills. Both camps participate in day trips once a week*  as well as daily swimming. The children in both camps are placed into groups of 10 of the same or similar (within one year) age. Children within one  year of age can be grouped together, in order to request this, please fill out the grouping prompt during the registration process with the names of all  children you wish to have in the same group.

Q: My child is not a good swimmer and I have some concerns about him/her swimming at the pool. Who is responsible for my child when they are swimming?

A: The pool at UTM has qualified lifeguards on duty while we are swimming. In addition to the lifeguards your child’s counsellor swims with the group  and help supervise while interacting in the water with the children. The shallow end of our pool has a moveable floor that is set at an appropriate height  (depending on the age of the group that is swimming)- this way all children can stand up in the shallow water. Each child wishing to swim in the deep  end must complete our facility swim test (swim 30m + 60seconds of treading water) in order to swim in the deeper water. 

Q: Who are the camp counsellors?

A: We pride ourselves on picking quality staff; our camp counsellors are university students either from our university or other post-secondary institutions. Each staff member is chosen for their backgrounds in sport as well as experience working with children. We do background checks on all of  our staff and all of the staff are required to have a current Standard First Aid w/ CPR-C certification. You will receive a profile of our camp staff on the  first day of camp with your parent information package.

Q: I work 9-5 and cannot pick my child up by 4:00pm Do you have extended hours?

A: We have extended hours that run from 8:00 am to as late as 6:00pm. We have individual child as well as family rates. Extended Care Info Page

Q: The summer can be very hot- how much are the children outside and what do you do during a heat alert?

A: We are lucky and have access to 3 gyms and various other indoor facilities including our indoor pool. Each child’s group schedule is made with attention to the inside and outside portions of their day. In the event of an extreme heat alert we either shorten the time that they are outside or we  don’t go out at all and switch to an indoor schedule.

Parents are asked to send their child with a water bottle that they can fill up frequently throughout the day, as well as a hat or ball cap to keep the sun  off their face.

*Day trips are offered in all 5-day weeks. No day trips in holiday weeks.*

Membership Services: 905-828-3714

Program Coordinators:

Louise Vanderwees: 905-828-3712

Cameron Walker: 905-828-3850

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