The UTORid is your unique identifier for accessing many services on campus: e.g. UTORmail and its webmail service, the Portal, the campus wireless network (UTORcwn) as well as the many services offered by departments. Keep your UTORid and password secure and remember to logout from your browser if logging in from a public computer.

At any point after activation students, faculty and staff may return to the UTORid webpage to manage their UTORid information.

URL: http://www.utorid.utoronto.ca

Student UTORids are assigned during the process of registration as part of your acceptance package. Visit the TCard office located in the William G. Davis building where you will be given your TCard with your UTORid on it. After obtaining your UTORid, you need to activate it. To do so, you will need a Secret Activation Key (SAK). Go to the UTORid activation page and follow the instructions.

URL: http://www.utorid.utoronto.ca

Staff and Faculty
If you are a staff or faculty member of one of the federated colleges you will have to visit the business officer in your college to obtain your UTORid. To obtain a UTORid visit the U of T Authorization homepage.

URL: http://www.utorauth.utoronto.ca/